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Isometric Graph Paper
Isometric Graph Paper Price: $10.00 
Isometric Graph paper is hard to find. I know, I've searched everywhere to find it! I finally decided to design my own graph paper and here it is! This graph paper is two-sided, one side has a larger grid and the opposite side has a smaller gird. For use with pencil, colored pencils, pen or fine tip markers, the lines are light enough they do not interfere with your drawing. This hard-to-find item is what I use to draw all my 3-D patchwork designs on. Perfect for designing 3-D cubes, hexagon quilts, tumbling block designs or quilts of illusion using isometric perspective as described in my books Optical Illusions for Quilters or 3-D Fun with Pandora's Box. 30 sheets in a zip-top reclosable poly bag (the graph paper is two-sided, so it's really 60 sheets!)

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