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Simply Amazing  Spiral Quilts  (2nd edition)
Simply Amazing
Spiral Quilts
(2nd edition)
Price: $32.99 each
Great news - the 2nd Edition of SASQ is here! Updated and revised, this edition is even better than the first. Patterns and templates that were on the CD are now available online, and even more have been added.

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Take one look at the "in-spiralling" quilts in this book and you'll be eager to create one of your own. Written for all levels of experience, you'll be amazed at how simple spirals are -- and they don't require math! Learn the basic techniques for four types of spirals and how to design with them. To create your own spiral quilt, make one of five projects included, use pre-drawn templates from the from the online library as building blocks, or start from scratch and create your own completely original design. No matter which approach you take, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts will guide you step-by-step from start to simply amazing finish.

P.S. If you like SASQ, you'll love my second book, Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts. Buy both books and save $3.00 on SASQ! (Discount will be applied during checkout.)

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