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Magnificent Spiral  Mandala Quilts  (2nd Edition)
Magnificent Spiral
Mandala Quilts
(2nd Edition)

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Price: $32.99 
MSMQ will take your spiral quilts to another level -- and you'll be amazed at how easy it is! Updated designing and sewing techniques in the 2nd edition make creating these quilts even more accessible than before. (If you already have the 1st edition and want the free update, click on the link at the bottom of the page.)

Through a series of simple steps (one of which you even do with your eyes closed!) you'll be able to create these exquisite circular designs full of flowing loops and curves. 46 exquisite quilts provide lots of eye-candy, while a wealth of photographs and diagrams guide you every step of the way. MSMQ is written to work with you the way you prefer: sew a pattern, work from pre-drawn templates or create an original design from scratch. Want a little help along the way? Enroll in one of RaNae's online classes (see below).

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Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts!
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(Discount will be applied as a price reduction on SASQ during checkout. This discount does not combine with online class discount.)

Order a set of Magic Mandala Mirrors, an Add-a-Quarter or Add-an-Eighth tool, a seam roller and some EQ Printables Foundation Sheets or Simply Amazing Foundation Paper with your copy of MSMQ so you'll be ready to start as soon as it arrives! (See links below)

160 page book, plus
Access to online library containing 150+ pages of supplemental material and templates, plus
Online "behind the scenes" supplement at

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