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Patterns A-L
Picture Name Price

18 Carat 18 Carat
Sku #: QAA548
$Cdn 17.99 (~USD$14.57)  per pattern
54" X 72" by Stephanie Soebbing of Quilt Addicts Anonymous. Uses 10" squares.

2016 Row by Row Pattern 2016 Row by Row Pattern
Sku #: 2016RXRPattern
$Cdn 9.99 (~USD$8.09)  per pattern
This is our store’s pattern for the 2016 Row by Row Experience. The pattern is designed for a 36" x 9" finished row.

Shipping for this pattern at 2017 postal rates is $.85 to Canadian destinations, and $6.84 to the USA.

Click here if you are interested in a laser-cut kit that includes the fabric for this row.

2017 Row by Row Pattern 2017 Row by Row Pattern
Sku #: 2017RXRPattern
$Cdn 12.99 (~USD$10.52)  per pattern
This is our store’s Row for the Row by Row Experience 2017.

This pattern is designed for a 9" x 36" finished row. It may also be used as a wallhanging or table runner, or a block in another Canadiana quilt. Shipping for this pattern at 2017 postal rates is $.85 to Canadian destinations, and $6.84 to the USA.

Click here for a kit where the appliqué pieces are laser-cut and pre-fused.

Click here for a fabric kit where you provide your own fusible web and do your own cutting of the appliqués.

A Crooked Mile A Crooked Mile
Sku #: QDP066
$Cdn 14.49 (~USD$11.74)  per pattern
Small Lap: 45in x 56in, Large Lap: 72in x 72in and Twin: 64in x 80in. Pattern by A Quilter’s Dream.

A Few of my Favourite Things Sewing Roll A Few of my Favourite Things Sewing Roll
Sku #: CALH102
$Cdn 17.49 (~USD$14.17)  per pattern
6½" X 14½" by Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House.

A Slice or Two A Slice or Two
$Cdn 13.49 (~USD$10.93)  per pattern
A Slice: 72¼" X 86"; Or Two: 69½" X 82 3/4", or add a 5" square pack and a bit more fabric to make the following sizes: 86 3/4" X 99½" or 82 3/4" X 96" by Ruth Anne Cheney of Quilting on the Curve. Fat quarter and 10" square friendly.

A Tale of 2 Gnomes A Tale of 2 Gnomes
Sku #: ALQ311
$Cdn 16.49 (~USD$13.36)  per pattern
60" X 72" by Janice Liljenquist of Abbey Lane Quilts. Make this quilt with gnomes and mushrooms, or gnomes and trees!

A Wild Ride A Wild Ride
Sku #: JKDwildride
$Cdn 17.49 (~USD$14.17)  per pattern
54" X 72" by Jen Kingwell Designs. Scrap friendly.

Abilene Abilene
$Cdn 41.49 (~USD$33.61)  per pattern
42" X 57" fused appliqué by Laura Heine of Fiberworks. Includes full size pattern. Uses fat eighths, fat quarters or scraps!

Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight
Sku #: TINY49
$Cdn 4.99 (~USD$4.04)  per pattern
14½" X 40½" table Runner by Shelley Robson of Pieced Tree Patterns.

All Around Canada Pattern All Around Canada Pattern
Sku #: AllAroundCanadaPattern
$Cdn 14.99 (~USD$12.14)  per pattern
This is our store’s winning block pattern for the Northcott Trans-Canada Block Party which is part of their Sesquicentennial Celebration .

Celebrate Canada with this 18" finished block. You can incorporate it in a quilt with other Northcott Trans-Canada Block Party blocks or other Canadiana projects, or use it singly as a wall hanging or decorator pillow.

Design by Along Came Quilting

Click here if you want to purchase the kit which includes the pattern.

All Geared Up All Geared Up
Sku #: WH167
$Cdn 13.99 (~USD$11.33)  per pattern
70" Square. By Terri Degenkolb for Whimsicals. Uses Creative Grids 15° Triangle Ruler (CGREU1), Spider Web Ruler (CGRKA6), and Circle Savvy Ruler (CGRSAV1)

All Season Petals All Season Petals
Sku #: WW1403
$Cdn 23.99 (~USD$19.43)  per pattern
Make either a beautiful 14" round petal pillow, or a 16" round runner for your table. By Ginnie Kelly of Wonder Woman Quilts. Includes two (2) self-cover buttons.

Allie Owl Allie Owl
Sku #: EH-020
$Cdn 17.49 (~USD$14.17)  per pattern
By Elizabeth Hartman. Baby: 32" X 44"; Lap: 52" X 66"; Twin: 68" X 92"

All-in-One Apron All-in-One Apron
Sku #: IJ998CR
$Cdn 17.49 (~USD$14.17)  per pattern
This traditional butcher style apron is ideal for both men, women & children. The D-ring neck tie allows for adjustable fit & two pocket styles. Adult and Child size included. By Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction, Inc.

Allisyn’s Wedding Ring Allisyn’s Wedding Ring
Sku #: JNQ127P
$Cdn 13.49 (~USD$10.93)  per pattern
55in x 68in. Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern. Requires Creative Grids Double Wedding Ring Templates 4 pieces. CGRDWR. Judy Niemeyer Quilting.

Alternative Alternative
Sku #: AG109
$Cdn 17.49 (~USD$14.17)  per pattern
53" X 64" by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass. Includes full-sized block to copy for foundation paper piecing.

American Icon American Icon
$Cdn 15.99 (~USD$12.95)  per pattern
36" X 50" by Brenda Hermundstad Yirsa for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company. Includes full-size pattern.

Amethyst Project Bag Amethyst Project Bag
Sku #: SS140
$Cdn 9.99 (~USD$8.09)  per pattern
This bag has ample storage for any project. The lining has a zippered pouch, mesh zippered pocket and elastics for holding pens or other items. The bottom of the case has an elastic buckle strap. 14" L X 13" H X 3" D. By Sara Lawson for Sew Sweetness.

Ampersand Ampersand
Sku #: CAEJ023
$Cdn 13.99 (~USD$11.33)  per pattern
66" X 66" by Emma Jean Jansen of Australia. Fat quarter friendly.

Annex Double-Zip Box Pouches Annex Double-Zip Box Pouches
Sku #: SESW134
$Cdn 12.49 (~USD$10.12)  per pattern
This quick box pouch features a unique twist - two zippers at the top, each with its own separate storage space. Small: 8" L X 3" T X 2¼" D; Medium: 11¼" L X 3¼" T X 3 3/4" D; Large: 9 3/4" L X 3½" T X 4¼" D. By Sara Lawson for Sew Sweetness.

Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon
Sku #: LSD024
$Cdn 13.99 (~USD$11.33)  per pattern
74½" X 74½" by Laurie Shifrin of Laurie Shifrin Designs. 2½" strip friendly.

Arabesque Arabesque
Sku #: ARBSQ-010
$Cdn 27.99 (~USD$22.67)  per pattern
52" X 52" foundation paper pieced quilt by Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts.

Arabian Nights Arabian Nights
Sku #: CTD09001
$Cdn 15.49 (~USD$12.55)  per pattern
89" X 114". By Lidia K. Froehler of A Cotton Treasure Design. Created in Canada.

Argyle Avenue Argyle Avenue
Sku #: JILL1401
$Cdn 16.49 (~USD$13.36)  per pattern
51" X 67" by Jill Finley of Jillily Studio.

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