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Fabric and patterns to make your life easier!

A Blue Moment
"A Blue Moment" Fabric Kit

Price: $60.49 each   

Cheeky Pumpkins
"Cheeky Pumpkins" Fabric Kit

Price: $55.00 each   

Halloween Social Climber
"Halloween Social Climber" Fabric Kit

Price: $59.95 each   

Prelude to Winter Wallhanging
"Prelude to Winter" Wall Hanging Fabric Kit

Price: $39.99 each   

Roaring Waves
"Roaring Waves" Fabric Kit

Price: $55.00 each   

Spring Anew
"Spring Anew" Fabric Kit

Price: $56.95 each   

Winter EZ Breezy Quilt
"Winter EZ Breezy" Quilt As You Go

Price: $29.95 each