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All Other Notions

Famore Applique Tool Set
Applique Tool Set

Price: $109.00 per kit   

Stabilglider Peel 'N' Stick White 8"X8"
Sku #: 13737
100 pieces

Price: $29.75 per package
Out of  Stock (0)

Stabilglider Peel 'N' Stick White 9.5"X10yd Roll
Sku #: 14169

Price: $26.00 per roll   

Stabilglider Peel 'N' Stick White 14"X25yd Roll
Sku #: 14091

Price: $59.00 per roll   

Dear Jane Tool Set

Price: $17.59 
Out of  Stock (0)

Batting Shears
Batting Shears

Price: $45.00 each   

Diamond Rects
Sku #: DT15
Make those tough elongated diamond units needed for any Storm at Sea project with ease and success.

Price: $21.50 each   

Famore Colored Scissors Set
Colored Scissor Set

Price: $69.99 per kit   

Quick Curve Combo
Quick Curve Combo Package

Price: $24.00    

Quick Curve Ruler
Sku #: 091037505705

Price: $24.00    

Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets
Sku #: 20315

Price: $19.95    

Rapid Fire Hunter's Star - Petite Star
Sku #: DT01
Results in ease and accuracy when making these traditionally difficult blocks.

Price: $23.50 each   

Split Rects
Sku #: DT13
A tool for dealing with pieced rectangles that is easy and accurate

Price: $19.50 each   

Tri-Recs Tools
Sku #: 073077375302

Price: $15.89 each   

Tucker Trimmer I
Sku #: DT03
Helps quilters quickly and easily trim down units that are made with triangles.

Price: $19.50 each   

Tucker Trimmer II
Sku #: DT05
An ďin betweenĒ version of the original Tucker Trimmer I tool.

Price: $17.50 each   

Wing Clipper
Sku #: DT07
A must have tool if you are making Flying Geese units for your quilt.

Price: $21.50 each   

Wing Clipper II
Sku #: DT08
An in between tool that trims down 9 additional size Flying Geese units not covered with the Wing Clipper I.

Price: $19.50 each