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60 Degree Diamond Rotary Templates
AS SEEN ON CRAFTSY CLASS! These rotary templates are used in Karen's patterns: Batik Cascade Ribbons, Cube 2, Christmas Cube, Stacked and Wrapped, 3-D Ribbons, Patchwork Illusions, More Patchwork Illusions, Amazing Attic Windows, Celebration, 3-D Fun with Pandora's Box and Stars Galore. These templates come with no instructions.

Price: $12.00    

Isometric Graph Paper
Isometric Graph paper is hard to find. I know, I've searched everywhere to find it! I finally decided to design my own graph paper and here it is! This graph paper is two-sided, one side has a larger grid and the opposite side has a smaller gird. For use with pencil, colored pencils, pen or fine tip markers, the lines are light enough they do not interfere with your drawing. This hard-to-find item is what I use to draw all my 3-D patchwork designs on. Perfect for designing 3-D cubes, hexagon quilts, tumbling block designs or quilts of illusion using isometric perspective as described in my books Optical Illusions for Quilters or 3-D Fun with Pandora's Box. 30 sheets in a zip-top reclosable poly bag (the graph paper is two-sided, so it's really 60 sheets!)

Price: $10.00    

60 Degree Diamond Cutter Ruler
Easy-to-use acrylic ruler for 60 degree diamonds. Makes 1" to 4" 60 degree diamonds. Use for Split Diamonds too! Use it for Optical Illusions quilts, tumbling blocks and other traditional blocks. Complete instructions show strip cutting, size changes and includes free pattern!

Price: $14.00    

Easy Angle Ruler
This ruler is a perfect match for the techniques shown in my book "Combing Through Your Scraps." All you need to do is cut one size strip, with this tool, you can cut your squares AND half-square triangles. No more cutting two size strips. Save time with this tool! Cut triangles, squares and attic windows shapes all from the same strip of fabric! Cut squares and half-square triangles from 1/2" to 4" (finished size.) Ideal for use with the rotary cutter. Built in 1/4" seam allowance.

Price: $8.00    

Reducing Lens
AS SEEN ON CRAFTSY CLASS! Stand close to a quilt and this lens will show you how it will look when viewed from a distance. A must have item!! I use it to check out my quilts as I am putting them on my design wall. I also use it to check out fabric before I cut it into a quilt.

Price: $12.50    

Value Viewer
AS SEEN ON CRAFTSY CLASS! The newly designed Value Viewer! Become an expert at fabric selection - instantly! This is the value tool I use whenever I select fabrics for a quilt. Place the tool up to your eye and look through it. This "removes" much of the color of the fabrics and you can see the value of the fabric. This tool helps you determine whether your fabrics are light, medium or dark.

Price: $9.00    

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