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RWP-713DP The Quilting Bee Downloadable Pattern       RWP-713DP The Quilting Bee Downloadable Pattern
Sku #:RWP-713DP

Friendship is so precious. The friends we have made in quilting are really special. Remember them with this wall hanging. Seven quilters are visiting around the frame. Alone it would make a wonderful gift for your best quilting friend. Or use it to make a bigger quilt with RWP-714 "The Quilt Shop", RWP-715 "The Quilt Show", RWP-724 "The Quilt Class" RWP-725 "The Quilt Studio", RWP-718 "The Quilters" and RWP-727 "The Quilters, Set 2". If you also do needlework, you might want to add RWP-723 "The Needle Shop" and RWP-726 "The Needleworkers". Approximately 14 x 18.

Price: $8.00