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Lovely Landscape Quilts
Lovely Landscape Quilts Price: $19.00 Each
From sewing long strips of fabric and string piecing bits of scraps together, to fusing strips on a tricot foundation, my new book covers it all. The matte finished pages give it a warm contemporary feel. All the appliques including the branch and tree patterns are included - life sized! I've been working on this book for 2 years and I hope you find it very inspiring and instructional. Check out my blog for the latest reviews, Quilting Arts and Quilting Daily gave it great ones! Because this is a thicker book I can fit 2 books or 1 book and 4 yards of fabric in the Flat Rate envelopes. I will not be able to ship a single book 1st Class so your shipping charge will be the Flat Rate price of $6.80. I'm beating amazon's prices right now and each book is signed. Thanks!
Owner Cathy Geier
2816 Rolling Ridge Drive
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188