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Sewing Workshop Flatiron       Sewing Workshop Flatiron Coat & Jacket
Sku #:401082

Flatiron Coat & Jacket by The Sewing Workshop
Includes sizes XSX-XXL
No-fray fabrics in wool or blends are suggested for this pattern. Mid-weight knits, sweater knits, novelty weaves will also work. The wrong side of the fabric will show.

The coat finishes 40" - 42"in length depending on size. The jacket finishes 29" - 31" depending on size.
For the coat, 60" fabric XS-M: 2 2/3yd L-XXL: 3 1/3yds.
For the jacket, 60" fabric XS-M: 2 1/8 L-XXL: 2 1/4yds

Price: $23.99 each + shipping