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Cedar Waxwings Flock in Silhouette cotton sateen panel       Cedar Waxwing Flock in Silhouette cotton sateen panel
Sku #:324029

This approximately 17" square Cedar Waxwing Flock in Silhouette panel is printed on a wonderful, soft 100% cotton sateen. The cotton sateen fabric provides a rich, detailed image.

These Cedar Waxwings were photographed by Sharon Hull Dinsmore in the parking lot of Creations. Have you ever heard a high-pitched squeak coming from the trees and looked up to see that the nearby trees were full of birds that sort of looked like Female Northern Cardinals due to their size and crests? If you had binoculars handy, you'd soon find out that those were actually Cedar Waxwings - a crested bird about the size of a Northern Cardinal. They have a light brown and gray back, but a very distinct black mask over their eyes, along with a yellow-tipped tail. If you are lucky a flick of their wings will reveal their tiny red marks that give them their name. Cedar Waxwings are common throughout North America, but for Texans, they are winter and spring visitors.

Sharon digitally enhances her photographs to create an image that looks more like a painting than a photograph, but in this particular case, Kathy and Julie (of Creations) pointed out that this flock was striking in silhouette. How appropriate for birds that are most often seen that way high up in the trees against the sky.

This Cedar Waxwings Flock in Silhouette fabric panel is part of the Birds of Texas Series of fabric panels from Artful Lenscapes.

Please note: the colors of these images will not look identical on the actual fabrics. Colors vary on each computer monitor and always look slightly different on fabric.

We have a limited stock of each bird panel. If we are out of the one you want, it will take about 3 weeks to have them reprinted. We will notify you of their availability.

Price: $18.99 each