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online dollmaking class       Valeria class

Designed by Michelle Munzone
VALERIA is 14" (35cm) Tall -when Seated, Girl Jester with her wise and colourful OWL.
This Workshop is divided into 5 Lessons for the INTERMEDIATE doll makers, beginners with some sewing experience will be able to complete this project also.
This is a very detailed instructional workshop with loads of step-by-step photos with clear instructions and illustrations.

  • *We will learn how to create a needle sculpted, hand drawn and painted face, which will give her personality and will bring her to life.
  • *Make 8 piece body, hands, arms, legs, wiring, stuffing and posing of fingers.
  • *Learn how to stuff and manipulate the fabric to create realist body, fingers and limbs.
  • * We will learn how to sculpt the OWL from Paper Clay and make a Wire and Beaded CHAIR from scratch.
  • *We will then cover the costuming and embellishing part of the project then adding the final touches such as Eye lashes, making the Stand and putting it all together.
  • Come and join me to make your own unique Art Doll and Accessories.

    Price: $55.00 

    Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: