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Technique classes/instructions

Sculpting a Doll in Air Dry Clay Class
Sculpting an Air Drying Clay doll
Class is ongoing. Another class will be offered to complete the doll which includes painting, costuming and putting it together. JOIN NOW, PLAY LATER!

Price: $75.00 

Polymer People: An Artist's Method of Sculpting The Adult Torso in Polymer Clay
Create a Realistic Polymer Clay Sculpted Adult Torso
Author: Diane Dobson Barton

Price: $18.00 

'Stick' Wings
Designer: Dawn Schiller

Price: $10.00 

Altered Fabric Class
Learn how to alter fabric in this class with Judy Skeel
Class is ongoing

Price: $45.00 

Alvina, her Cat & Spider Coach Class
Alvina, her Cat & Spider Coach Class

Designer: Kat Lees; Designs by Kat

Price: $50.00 

Artful Lettering class
Artful Lettering with Judy Skeel
Class is ongoing, always available.

Price: $50.00 

17" mixed media doll
Designer: Cindee Moyer

Price: $14.00 

Brandi class
15” doll, mixed media
Designer: Sherry Goshon

Price: $50.00 

Character Head
designer: Sharon Mitchell
Sharon has done it again with a wonderful pattern that includes making a character head for a female or male doll.
Needle-sculpting a Character head This tutorial originally, was written as a class.
It teaches a few different techniques for making a character head for that witch, gnome, or older person for your projects.
It's good to keep practicing needle-sculpting and learn the techniques to capture a character.
A friend did a workshop using this pattern, and thought the head she made was downright ugly! She tossed it aside, but resurrected it when she needed to make a pirate for an exhibition – and got top prize for it!
Keep your heads. Make a collage of them!
The head pattern can be resized to fit whatever doll body you want to use. Try it in different fabrics and see what the results are.
I hope you will find it easy to follow and understand and that it will be just right for your next project! Sharon Mitchell

Price: $12.00 

Controlling Creative Clutter eBook
Third edition
Stay organized and still create!
Author: Diane Dobson-Barton

Price: $10.00 

Creating Faces With Chalk Tutorial
Creating Faces with Chalk Tutorial

Designer: Designs by Kat

Price: $20.00 

Ella Blu Class
Ella Blu
22” doll, mixed media
Designer: Sherry Goshon

Price: $50.00 

Equestrienne Tutorial
18" doll
Designer: Cindee Moyer

Price: $25.00 

Fall Festival Queen Class
Fall Festival Queen Class

Designer: Kat Lees; Designs by Kat

Price: $50.00 

Fanciful Fairy Wings class
Online Class with Judy Skeel
Learn to make wings - nearly 50 wing patterns included

Price: $60.00 
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