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Creations Models from Park Batiks
Bali Batik Rayons
We have sold Bali Rayon in our shop for over 20 years. We love the way it feels, the way it sews, and the way it drapes. The big plus is that is goes thru the washer and the dryer.
Give this fabric a try with a simple garment and you will love it too.

Creations model from Digital Linen from Telio
Digitally Printed Linen
If you are a linen lover, then you will want to have a garment out of one of these beautiful printed linens.
We are always searching for printed linen and we have found a great source for these fabulous digital prints. They are all we could ask for in variety.
These linens do great in the washer and dryer. Just use low heat and remove promptly from the dryer and you will love the results.

Creations Models from Moda Rayoln
Frankie pattern from Sew to Grow
This is a new pattern for us and we loved the sleeve accent. It comes in two lengths and is great made from a lightweight fabric like rayon or even the rayon/cotton blend.

Creations model from Manchester by Kaufman
Manchester Cotton by Robert Kaufman
If you like the look of linen, but want cotton, then Manchester is the fabric for you. It has a great texture and a cool look for summer "big shirts"

Creations Models from Mariner Cloth
Mariner Cloth by Andover Fabrics
This woven fabric is so wonderful after it has been laundered. The "slub" yarn shrinks just a bit and give it such a nice texture.
The stripe runs perpendicular to the selvage which will make it run across the body.
The pictures of these fabrics are close ups so you can really see the texture.