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Wendy Flies a Kite
Wendy Flies a Kite Price: $14.00 

Wendy Flies a Kite
Designed by Laura Lunsford
This 20" doll is made by building onto a stand with wire going up into the legs, so instructions will be for this method. I have instructions available for making stands using old DVD discs. You can make her without the wire inserts, and if sewn well, dolls will stand. Each person has their own preferences. My patterns are to provide you with mine, hoping it will inspire you in making your own wonderful creation. The basic doll pattern can be used for several persons, by the choices in dress and embellishments. She can be steampunk or any other type! This one will also include instructions for a different arm (so Wendy can hold her kite), and techniques for making the kite as well as her clothes. Additional patterns are available to and which cover such things as jackets, vests, hats, and embellishments for different boots styles. My preference for fabric for making dolls is a light doe suede, or non stretch knit.However I make the main body and sometimes the legs (if I am covering with pants or stockings) in a cotton, or muslin, as it stuffs more firmly.
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: All levels
Sale info: You may make a maximum of 6 dolls per year from this pattern. If making dolls from this design to sell, please give credit to the designer on all tags and publications.

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